About Us


Millions of people are searching for “medicines” especially (and nowadays) “nutritional supplements”, on the internet.

We are helping people to tell them which one is the best “nutritional supplement” for them. “Nutritional Supplements” are not made by us but by firms or companies. We are spreading “correct information” about the “supplements”. There are many FDA approved and non-FDA approved supplements in the markets especially, online market(s). So, you need to visit our website.

We are also selling these “services” and/or “nutritional supplements”. You can click on the given link so you can get the “service” or “supplement” at your doorstep. But we are not responsible for any damage or loss of a “service(s)” and/or “nutritional supplements”. So, you can understand that we are just “sponsor”. And, after your “shopping”, we take a “commission”.

How Do We Tell (Our Mission)?

Yes! This is the main question. We tell via “reviews” which one is the safe “nutritional supplement” for you and which one is unsafe. This helps you to save your time and effort and (basically) money. This can be thought of as “guideline(s)”. So, you find “directions” about a “service” and/or “nutritional supplement”.

Third-party contents!

Our web site also shows you our third-party’s contents (just pictures). When you click on the link then you reach in their web site. There, you can read the “reviews” written by their writers. This happens sometimes (rarely).

For third parties’ contents and/or shopping, we are not responsible. So, you need to care when you want to purchase a “service” and/or “nutritional supplement” from them.