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Privacy Policy

There is nothing “vague”. So, we’re saying to you that please read our “privacy policy”, carefully.

The privacy policy is very necessary nowadays for any website. “Government” (yes govt.) and other “institutions are forcing to the website(s) to tell all about “it”. This indicates that why privacy policy is necessary.

What Is Basic Privacy – Information We Collect?

Your name, e-mail, IP address, and some other “things” are the basic privacy.

An IP address is traced to check your’ visiting from a country. This helps us to check how our website is getting fame. Name and e-mail are used/shown in comments, on our website. So, this is not any sensitive thing but we are advised/told to tell you all about.


Your browser may send you “cookies”. This is a process that “improves” the “performance” of your browser and a website.

If we send “cookies” then you may see a notification to accept “cookies” or not. We send you “cookies” that actually help us see who you are, a regular customer or a new one.

Remember that your browser doesn’t need to store your data. They just trace your IP address to help them see which is your country or other information (not sensitive).

Note that these “cookies” can be erased anytime.

How Do We Protect Your Data?

We don’t sell, trade, or lease a customer’s data to anyone even our third-party. We value your privacy.

When you want to buy a “service” and/or “nutritional supplement” then you have to tell us your name, e-mail, and other necessary information. But we don’t trace the credit card’s password and/or any other sensitive “thing”.

So, in these ways, we protect your data from anyone.

Third-party Privacy!

We also have here third-party’s “links” of their “reviews” that trigger your visiting to their website. There, you are abode by to follow their privacy policy. They are treating you what they have “terms of use” and “privacy policy” of their website.

So, when you buy a “service” and/or “nutritional supplement” from a third-party then we are not responsible for anything. You need to provide the information after knowing all about them. But we hope that our third-parties are trusted. 

Website Comments!

Sometimes, you have a “passion” to post a comment about a “service” and/or “nutritional supplement”. This is a very good thing as it helps others to understand that “product”.

So, you have to give your name and e-mail. The only name is shown publicly. Maybe you have to upload your image as “graphical” information but is “rare”. 

Changing in Privacy!

We have “rights” to change our “privacy policy” anytime.

For major changing, we may post a notification. For minor changes, we may not post a notification. You need to read our privacy policy, carefully.

It is advised to you that you must read our privacy policy when you want to buy a “product” from us.


We have written all things simply and plainly so that there is nothing “vague”. You can read these privacy policies anytime. In this way, you can stay up-to-date about our web site if you like our site.