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If you love the way your eyeglasses fit on you, but you also need to replace your old lenses, you can do this on your own. However, most people are hesitant to replace the lenses themselves and often seek professional help instead.

Brick-and-mortar optical shops typically perform the replacement process for you if the lenses’ design isn’t too complicated or if the frames are still in good shape. But if you don’t have the luxury of time, you can have the eyeglass lens replacement prescription lenses delivered to you in just a few days. Before the whole replacement process begins, take an eye exam with a certified healthcare professional to determine the correct lenses that will help you see correctly.

How to replace the lenses in your glasses

1. Find the screw on the corner hinge located between the arm piece and lenses, then remove it carefully with the flat screwdriver. Pull the frame apart as gently as possible until the lenses get loose. Remember not to pull the frame and lenses too hard because you need to send it over to your eye specialist or an eyeglass repair shop once you break either one of them.

2. Hold the frame and lens together, then use a 1.5mm flat screwdriver to fix the screw in between. Slowly rotate the screwdriver in a clockwise direction. If you can’t hold the pieces together, it may be helpful to have someone assist you.

3. Once done, examine the whole piece and make sure that your lens is firmly attached. If necessary, wipe dust particles with a soft cotton cloth. Avoid cleaning the lenses with your shirt or paper towel, as this will cause scratches.

Heat application is another way you can do to replace the broken lenses in your plastic frames.

You may fill up a shallow bowl with hot water and completely submerge the frames for one minute. Set the glasses in a face-down position after removing the screws. To prevent losing the screws and lenses, lay down a towel underneath to catch the parts.

After a minute, dry the lenses with a clean microfiber cloth. Use this to cover both sides of the lenses to have a better grip. Starting from the corner portion of the lens, gently push the concave side to pop it out of the frame.

Use a hairdryer to heat the frame if the hot water method doesn’t work for you. Just point the hairdryer around the lenses to warm the plastic frame. The goal of hot water and hairdryer application is to make the frame flexible, making it easy to remove the lenses.

While the frame is still bendable from the heat, gently pop your new prescription lenses into your old frame. However, if the frame isn’t flexible to accommodate the new lenses, apply additional heat from your hair dryer or hot water again.

Now, if you want your new prescription lenses to be expertly installed in your favorite frames, you may seek assistance from All you need is to send your old shelf, choose your desired prescription lenses, and wait for your new eyewear lenses.

An eyeglass is now a valuable fashion statement. Anyone who wears a stylish frame with prescription lenses knows the importance of choosing the appropriate pair in building self-confidence.

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