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Eye and Skin Clinic is a brand new medical clinic offering service in ophthalmology and otolaryngology. The clinic has a team of expert surgeons who treat patients with eye-related problems. The clinic runs advanced diagnostic tests, including tonometry, pressure test, slit lamp examination, and eye muscle test with special instruments like a topographer to judge the extent of damage to the retina. The eye and skin clinic is a medical facility that provides a range of surgical, corrective, and diagnostic treatments for people with eye conditions and skin disorders. Lovely eye & skin clinic is a one-stop destination for eye and skincare. Our goal is to ensure that everyone receives the highest quality of treatment to return to their daily lives with improved vision and greater confidence.

Eye and Skin Clinic specialists offer general ophthalmology, glaucoma, dermatology, and oculoplastic surgery. We have a vast experience in eye and skin conditions, treatments, and procedures that improve patients’ quality of life. All of our doctors are fellowship-trained in their specialities to provide the highest standards of care to our patients. The skin is the most visible part of the body and plays an essential role in presenting a pleasant appearance. Problems with your eyes or skin can have an emotional impact by affecting self-confidence. These problems can also have health implications, mainly if they are long-lasting or chronic.

Eye and Skin Clinic is a leading eye and skincare center providing comprehensive medical and surgical services for diagnosing, treating, managing, and following eye disorders, skin diseases, and eyelid defects. With a wide range of options, including eye exams, contact lens fitting, prescription lens fitting, cataract surgery, and more, you can be sure we have exemplary service for you. We also offer free consultations on cosmetic procedures such as facials, chemical peels, and BOTOX.

Eye and skin clinic is a hospital ship specializing in treating eye and skin diseases. The ship will provide medical examination and treatment for patients, especially those suffering from smallpox. It also carries large medical equipment, a fully-equipped X-ray room, operation room, laboratory, and technical equipment. The clinic is an excellent place to get a detailed analysis of your eyes and skin health, and this can be very helpful in avoiding any major issues before they even occur. Skin clinics, eye clinics, and dental surgeries often expose patients to significant amounts of harmful rays, so we developed this specialist system that provides excellent results. The most intense light is directed at the treatment equipment, with a flexible non-glare diffuser between it and the patient.

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