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A dental implant can be the best method to replace any lost or missed tooth, but it isn’t easy. It is good to know that an implant is a dental surgery so that you will have difficulty experiencing the implant treatment. Besides the problem of this treatment, there are various things to consider before trying an implant. We will explain these things and essential considerations in the below post. For example, the most important thing to consider is your bone volume. A proper implant treatment needs good and enough bones. You can get help from your chosen cosmetic dentist if you need clarification. These dentists will explain to you every detail, and you can quickly consult with them before getting implant therapy.

According to a dentist offering dental implants in Toronto, the implant’s root is mostly a screw, so you will need enough bone to get this screw. Don’t panic it is tolerable to get a screw instead of your dental root.

Why Is Bone Important for Dental Implant?

Since dental implant root is a lot like screws, cosmetic dentists need to take a drill to place the screw into your jaw. Therefore, your jawbone must be strong enough to tolerate the pressure and handle the condition.

This dental treatment process is like placing a screw into a wood surface. If the wood is rotten or doesn’t have good quality, the screw will fall out. This thing can happen to your mouth during the implant.

Therefore, you need to have strong bones to accept the implant. Bone grafting is an essential step during the implant process. It would help if you were sure about your bone condition to avoid such a thing happening to your mouth and teeth.

This information shows you must have enough bone for the implant process. The implant can integrate with your mouth only via your bone. If you don’t have enough bone, the dentist can perform some procedures to improve your bone.

How Can Cosmetic Dentists Increase the Bone Before Dental Implant?

If you do not have enough bone, your cosmetic dentist needs to increase the bone before implanting. There are various useful procedures to improve the bone for the implant. Bone grafting is one of the most practical methods to increase the bone.

Bone grafting means taking some bones from other parts and putting them in the needed part of your mouth. Bone grafting is not the only method to add bone before implant. The following method is a zygomatic implant.

The zygomatic implant is an extra long one possible to secure them within your cheekbones. This implant makes a vital anchor spot for the newest prosthetic tooth. Generally, bone grafting is not the only method to increase and add the bone before implant.

Both methods are expensive. The implant is a costly dental treatment to replace your lost and missed tooth, but it will become more costly by bone grafting or zygomatic.

Choosing one of these processes depends on your own choice and decision. You also can get help and consultation from your cosmetic dentist. These dentists will explain to you all the process before the implant procedure.

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