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The elderly population continues to grow steadfastly in Singapore as time marches forward. As this trend continues, the need and demand for quality and affordable senior care options are increasing. Today’s available senior care centres in Singapore should provide a wide range of services from in-home care to nursing home care. If you are considering the cost of senior care, here are five factors that can help you understand the costs.


The location of a senior care centre in Singapore will play a significant role in determining the cost of care. Some parts of the country can have a higher service cost than others (for example, healthcare and living costs in the central business district may be more expensive than in more suburban areas).

Type of Care

The type of care from a service provider will also affect the cost. Understand that the cost of a nursing home in Singapore may cost more than an in-home care provider. Nursing home care generally includes more intensive care and is staffed with certified medical professionals. It also has additional services (such as medical care, meals, and activities).

Level of Care

The cost of a nursing home in Singapore will depend on the level of care provided. Basic care services (such as housekeeping and meal preparation) are generally less expensive than more advanced care, such as nursing and medical care. The level of care can range from basic to complex.


The cost of a nursing home/senior care in Singapore can depend on the available amenities. Some nursing homes offer additional services such as transportation, entertainment, and social activities. These amenities can add to the cost of care, so it is crucial to consider the additional services you may need before choosing a nursing home.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Singapore can also impact the expenditure that will entail availing of senior care services. The cost of food, housing, and other daily necessities can vary significantly depending on the location. It can have a direct impact on the cost of care, so it is crucial to factor in the cost of living when calculating the cost of care.

It is crucial to consider all these factors carefully to ensure you’re receiving the best care for your loved one at a price that fits your budget. If you need assistance, you can find myriads of resources available to help you understand the cost of care and make an informed decision for your elderly loved ones. For nursing home prices in Singapore and other info on senior care services, visit Orange Valley.

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