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An OBGYN is a doctor specializing in female reproductive health conditions and pregnancy. Many women with these concerns may find it difficult to reveal the most intimate parts of their body and open up to a doctor.

Each OBGYN has a unique set of skills, policies, and personalities that work better with certain individuals than others. While it is fine to go with a gut feeling, it might cost a lot in the long run if the patient and the doctor don’t get along. 

Choosing the right OBGYN in Manila is essential to your health and wellbeing. Asking family and friends for suggestions is a good starting point, but it all comes down to personal decisions. 

Below are some tips when choosing an OBGYN:

  • When it comes to finding the right medical treatment, it is ideal to know what they cover and the costs one will be facing. Finding an in-network provider and hospital can save money.
  • Consider the communication style. Choose a doctor who is comfortable and pleasant to talk with, responsive and approachable, and supports and understands needs or concerns. 
  • Find a gynecologist in Quezon city who is free from malicious claims or disciplinary actions. Research on the credentials that show they have the necessary skills and training for the job. Using an online medical health app can be helpful when searching for doctors. 
  • Determine the OBGYN’s office. The location may not be important straightaway, but in the long run, it may not be easy to visit if the office is far from where one resides, especially if needed to be there often. 
  • Everyone has different medical needs. It is essential to look for an OBGYN with the qualities that fit those specific needs. 

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