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Cosmetic procedures are among the most sought-after surgical procedures in the world primarily because we are living in a world where physical looks primarily define beauty. One of the popular cosmetic procedures is BBL Surgery or Butt Lift, also known as Butt Augmentation.

What is BBL?

A Brazilian Bum Lift popularly known by the name BBL is a procedure characterized by fat transfer wherein fat is extracted (from the waist, abdomen, or lower back) and reinserted into the butt area. It does not include implants or any foreign substances because the fat comes from the patient’s own body.

How much does a BBL cost?

The exact BBL cost cannot be guaranteed because many factors come to play, such as the overall condition of the patient and the desired outcome. One thing is for sure, though, cosmetic procedures like BBL are more affordable in Turkey than in other parts of the world. Prior to the pricing of the procedure, the surgeon will conduct a review case, and the quote is usually sent to the patient within 24 hours, but the timeframe varies depending on the assessment and protocol of the clinic.

To give you an estimate about the cost of BBL in Turkey, it is usually around 40{b767fb5f393d6fe980c9f180d35f032806d728a9f84a32377b33da65991589c0} to 50{b767fb5f393d6fe980c9f180d35f032806d728a9f84a32377b33da65991589c0} cheaper than the cost in countries like the United States and countries in Europe. The cost does not only include the procedure itself but as well as flights, accommodation, transport to and from the hospital, and follow-up services. Aside from saving a huge amount of money, another great thing about having a cosmetic procedure in Turkey is that they have the best surgeons. Their surgeons have undergone extensive training, so you can assure you will get top-notch results at a fraction of the cost from other countries.

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