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Getting inked has become a trend with the concept of body art becoming more acceptable. A tattoo is a rage given its stylish and sensational quintessence of grabbing eyeballs. No wonder, you too need a tattoo, but have you considered its side effects? Findings show that tattoos can have long-term consequences than you had imagined.

Inking and its Side effects

Research reveals that 1 in every 10 people tend to get affected by tattoo. The problems that are often experienced include:

  • Skin infection
  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Inflammation
  • Soreness
  • Fatal disease like Hepatitis C, which is a deadly blood disease blighting liver function

Many people tend to have complications post tattoo that tend to linger for years. Nevertheless, the complication vary since some people might counter bacterial infections right after getting inked, while others might witness rampant growth of rashes and chronic problems perpetuating their skin. Even many complain about temporary swelling and itching. Whatever is the problem, it should be attended with care and attention immediately by visiting a doctor.

Sometimes, the reasons for infections are unexplainable, but in that case you should consult your tattoo artist who can state if you have got a tattoo infection. If yes, then see a doctor. There are some effective treatments for tattoo infections as below.

Treatments for Post-tattoo Infection

  • First, you need a blood test to determine the seriousness of the infection. Using topical ointments, such as, A+D Ointment, Neosporin and Bacitracin can cure the problem. However, verify the right ointment for you with tattoo artist and your doctors, only then you are ready to administer it.
  • The most effective way of healing your tattoo is to keep the portion dry. Water plays hostile during this time so avoid swimming and even taking a shower. Make sure you try every possible way to keep the portion absolutely dry and let it take time to heal.
  • Avoid the sun too. Exposure to sun heat will only aggravate the problem. Either avoid getting out in the sun or if you do then smear sunscreen all over the tattoo area.
  • Most important above all, make sure that the needles are sterilized and you have no skin infection prior to getting inked.

Thus, enjoy getting inked but with caution.

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