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Those looking for the most reliable method to replace their missing teeth are highly recommended to undergo a dental implant procedure. As everyone knows, replacing missing teeth with this standard golden method can be very beneficial because it is the only way to create the most natural-looking results. According to Dr. Ayoughi, dental implants specialist in Vancouver, since an implant device should be inserted into the patient’s jaw bone surgically, experiencing some amount of pain and discomfort is normal. Still, those going to undergo this surgery are worried about the pain level during and after this procedure. Please read this useful article to ensure you won’t experience unbearable pain during this treatment.

Dental Implant Surgery

If you want to realize how painful this procedure may be, that’s the best idea to learn what happens during dental implant surgery. In some cases, when a permanent tooth is removed, before replacing it with a dental implant, the patients are recommended to undergo another oral surgery called bone grafting to prepare the site to keep the implant stable. As the first step to starting dental implant surgery, your professionally-trained dentists will use high-tech instruments to make a tiny hole in your jawbone. Then a metal post called an implant would be fused into that hole. This implanted device will work as the root of the natural tooth, and it should be given enough time, around 3 or 4 months, to bond with your jaw bone. As the healing time is passed successfully, it’s time to attach the abutment over the implanted site. In some cases, a simple surgery is needed to place the abutment in its proper position. Finally, the artificial tooth that looks like your natural tooth is properly placed over the abutment to complete the treatment.

Experiencing Pain During and After Dental Implant Surgery

Since the whole process is performed under local anesthesia, you won’t feel any pain or irritation during the procedure. Still, as soon as your numbness fades away, you will experience some minor amount of pain that can be controlled easily by taking your prescribed painkillers promptly. It should be noted having soft foods like soups and smoothies for a few days after your treatment can be very beneficial to lowering your pain. The good news is that your pain will be disappeared less than ten days after your procedure is completed. Still, please remember to contact your oral health provider immediately if your pain and discomfort continue after ten days because it can be an important sign of infection around the implanted site. In such cases, experienced oral surgeons will immediately perform practical procedures to preserve your implant.

Please keep in mind to make appointments to visit your professional dentists frequently to make sure that you are passing your healing time successfully.

Possible Side Effects

As everyone knows, there aren’t any medical or dental treatments that have no risk of possible side effects. Although dental implants are known as the safest dental treatments with valuable, long-lasting results, some minor disadvantages should be considered before making up your mind:

– One of the most common side effects complained about after dental implant surgery is swelling that will persist for up to 48 hours.

– There’s a risk of infection if oral surgeons don’t use clean tools and materials during the procedure.

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