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Hippotherapy is a type of therapy that uses parts of the body to further explore functions and stimulate cognitive, sensory, emotional, and social growth. Hippotherapy Tennessee specializes in hippotherapy sessions with children ages 2-12.

What is Hippotherapy?

Hippotherapy is a type of therapy that uses horses to help people with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities. The horse’s movement, rhythm, and gait can help improve a person’s balance, coordination, and posture. Hippotherapy can also help with communication and social skills.

The History of Hippotherapy

Hippotherapy is a type of physical, occupational, and speech therapy that is used to improve a patient’s movement, balance, and coordination. Today, hippotherapy is used to treat a variety of conditions, including cerebral palsy, autism, multiple sclerosis, and traumatic brain injury.

What are the Benefits of Hippotherapy?

There are a number of benefits that have been associated with hippotherapy. Some of these benefits include improved balance, coordination, and flexibility; increased muscle strength; improved circulation; and improved respiration. Additionally, hippotherapy has also been found to be beneficial for those with mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

How to Find a Certified Professional

If you are interested in pursuing hippotherapy, it is important to find a certified professional. There are a few ways to go about this. 

First, you can ask your regular physician for a referral. They may know of someone in your area who is certified. You can also search online for directories of certified professionals.

When searching for a certified professional, it is important to make sure that they have the proper credentials. The AHA only certifies therapists who have met their education and experience requirements and have passed their examination. You can also check with your state’s licensing board to verify that the therapist is licensed in your state. 

Once you have found a few potential therapists, you can contact them to learn more about their services and rates. Be sure to ask about their experience with hippotherapy and whether they are comfortable working with children or adults. You should also inquire about insurance coverage and payment options.

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