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It was less than a year ago that I realized I had to do something urgently to reduce my stress levels. My stress was impacting my health, my relationships, my work, and even my dog. Talking to friends I realized that some form of mindfulness seem to be me relevant way to deal with this stress. Mindfulness though I thought needed people sitting in big groups being guided through meditations.

However, I started searching for mindfulness therapy near me only to discover that everybody now works via zoom, Skype, or the phone. So I decided to find a stress therapist who seems to fit my personality rather than was just nearby.

Now with my enhanced mindfulness skills, I find that stress is a much smaller problem. My health is much better and I have a better relationship with my family and with my dog. And more importantly, my dog is no longer making a mess of my home. I do not know if this is something unique to me or something common to all humans with high-stress levels. But I do know that there is a significant difference between me and me when I am not in a stressed state.

You may even find your personality or sense of mindfulness is heightened when in a stressed state. That is if you are using mindfulness in a proper way. The way that will help you to deal with the stress. But the problem is that you do not know your own mind. You are trusting a therapist or life coach what you believe will help you.

And maybe you think that you do not like or need a stress reducer. You do not have a way to feel better. You do not know what is true for you. You do not have a way to improve your own situation.

I believe that if you are in a stressed state you need to make a major effort to get up and walk away. Your mind will not let you. Your body will not let you sit there. You might like this situation. But your mind is telling you that this situation is much too stressful. It must be fixed. You are in a constant state of tension. That will get worse.

You must do something to change this. It is too stressful. You need to get out of this state. Because it is not helping you. You will get worse.

To reduce the stress you need to control your state. You must get out of the state. And control your mind. A lot of people do not have good control over their minds. So they do not have any way to reduce the stress.

I used to be one of those people. I always wanted to sit by the pool and swim. I always wanted to go to the movies. I would go to the theater and then I would sit at home and watch horror films. I had a very unhealthy lifestyle. I was stressed at work most of the time. I did not even go to the spa once. I did not have a good understanding of how my own mind works. I used to think that I have a very good one. I was proud of it. I used to tell myself that I will improve this. That I will control it. So I would always try to change my own mind. And I was really in that state for years and years. And I did not get anywhere. The stress would get worse. So I started to be aware of my own mind. I started to understand my own mind. I could see clearly that my mind is like a computer. It works well when I tell it what to do. But what happens when I tell it what to do. And it will say what it thinks. So I could see clearly that when I tell my mind I will get nothing.

So I could get what I wanted. I knew what I wanted. And I did not want to get it anymore.

I can change my mind. So I can get my way. I am making the decision to get my way. And I will get what I want. And I would not get it anymore.

And I would be happy.

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