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There is a good reason to insist on a balanced diet. A balanced diet contains each and every nutrient that our body needs in order to function in a proper way. Meeting the requirements of the nutrients means providing the body with sources that it can use to grow and maintain itself. Lacking any of these elements in body makes itself known those the onsets of diseases. vitamins happen to be one of such ingredients which must be given to the body on a daily basis. Though vitamin K2 naturally created within the body, we get most of the vitamin from outward sources. Animal protein, leafy vegetables, and fruits are sources of the vitamins we need. It is necessary to know Vitamins how they work and their sources to fight any vitamin deficiency related disease.

Brittle nails and hair

Vitamin B7 which is also known as biotin is helpful in converting food into energy. Though biotin deficiency is rare, it can cause some noticeable symptoms like splitting and thinning of nails and hair. This particular situation can also cause muscle cramps and chronic fatigue. Heavy drinker, smokers, and pregnant women are more likely to develop biotin deficiency.

Bleeding gums

The reason of bleeding gums can easily be attributed to rough brushing technique. But a diet that lags vitamin C can also cause bleeding gums. This particular vitamin plays an important role in immunity, wound healing, preventing cell damage. Vitamin C is not made in the body naturally. The only way to maintain the proper level of vitamin C is to consume is with food. People who eat fresh vegetables and fruits rarely develop vitamin C deficiency. Lack of vitamin C can cu the weakening of bones and muscles, depressed immune system, fatty, and scurvy. It is necessary to eat three or four vegetable portion along with two pieces of fruit to get enough vitamin C.

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