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Knee osteoarthritis could affect numerous people across the world. It has various causes. The major cause has been obesity. Most overweight or obese people tend to develop problems in their knee joints thereby being unable to take extra weight. 

Yet another cause of osteoarthritis in the knee joints could be related to any previous injury. Most former or current athletes suffer from knee osteoarthritis. The condition would wear down the cartilage in the knees thereby making it sore and stiff. 

You would be required to seek proper knee osteoarthritis treatment (วิธี แก้ ปวด เข่า เสื่อม, which is a term in Thai) from an expert and experienced doctor. 

What Are The Symptoms Of Knee Osteoarthritis?

The symptoms of knee osteoarthritis would come gradually. You would notice the pain in the knee joints, which is a ruling symptom of arthritis, along with stiffness. The pain tends to become worse over time. However, not all suffer from unbearable pain in this condition. All suffer from a different degree of pain. It could be due to some people having enhanced pain thresholds compared to others. 

If you have these symptoms, consider visiting a doctor to diagnose and confirm the condition. The pain accompanied by stiffness in the knee joint could be a primary symptom of the condition. Knee osteoarthritis could also result in occasionally freezing up of the joint. The knee osteoarthritis treatment would be based on your specific condition. 

What Treatment Options Do You Have?

After the doctor has diagnosed knee osteoarthritis after taking an x-ray of the knee joint and conducting a blood test, the doctor would give you a few options based on the following aspects – 

  • Your Condition 
  • Your Age 
  • Overall Damage To The Joint 

In the event, that the reason for knee osteoarthritis is obesity primarily, your doctor would recommend weight loss. 

A majority of people suffering from knee osteoarthritis would be overweight. When they start to lose weight, their symptoms would reduce dramatically. If you were suffering from knee osteoarthritis due to being overweight, weight loss would be the best knee osteoarthritis treatment. You could follow a fiber and vitamins rich diet along with exercise. 

Exercise is another good option for treating knee osteoarthritis. Consider swimming as an exercise for osteoarthritis treatment. You could also start walking, but it might be painful for most people suffering from the condition. 

Consider using a knee brace to alleviate the pain and the swelling in this condition. Most doctors would also recommend using a heating pad to seek relief from the swelling. 

You could also use anti-inflammatory medications prescribed by a doctor. Most doctors would also prescribe muscle relaxants and pain pills. 

Most conditions beget knee replacement surgery to avoid disability from the condition due to some previous injury.

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