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You may want to get chin augmentation if you’re not content with the way your face looks. When the chin is balanced with the remaining facial features, the results can be striking and highly pleasant. See more (ดูเพิ่มเติม, which is the term in Thai) to better understand the procedure.

Defining Chin Augmentation

Enhancing the chin’s contour and projection by surgery is known as chin augmentation. Your face may have an unbalanced appearance due to a weak chin. The nose may appear broader, or the jawline and neck may seem less defined. It is possible to achieve a more youthful facial appearance by enhancing one’s jawline through chin augmentation.

Synthetic implants are a standard method of increasing the size of one’s chin. Implants of this type are both safe and long-lasting, and they can be customized to fit practically any facial shape or profile.

Benefits Of Chin Augmentation

  • Enhance the jawline with a more beautiful triangular form.
  • Boost the chin’s height or width.
  • Reduce the indication of jowls or a double chin.
  • Ensure that the nose and chin are in harmony with one another.
  • Achieve an improvement in the look of chin dimpling

You must consult with a cosmetologist to know if chin augmentation is the correct procedure for you. Your doctor may tell you that chin augmentation is the best option to achieve your cosmetic goals, even if you are concerned about another aspect of your appearance, such as your nose. Other face elements are more harmonious when the chin is in harmony with the facial profile. See more to better understand chin augmentation.

Methods of combination

Features on the face must be in balance to provide an attractive appearance. Hence, to achieve an aesthetic equilibrium throughout the facial profile, chin augmentation might be used in conjunction with other treatments, which are as follows:

  • Rhinoplasties (nose reshaping surgery)
  • Liposuction (neck)
  • Cheek implants
  • Facelift

You can get the perfect result by going under the knife only once. Thus, many patients choose to have both treatments done together instead of separately.

The Operation

Most hospitals offer outpatient chin augmentation. Under the chin is a good spot for incisions since there will be less apparent scarring. Most often, it takes one to two hours to finish the surgery. Between five and seven days, most patients are back at work or school. See more to know chin augmentation better.

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